Warmup WU-3IE-PB Touch Screen Stat

Warmup WU-3IE-PB  Touch Screen Stat

Warmup WU-3IE-PB Touch Screen Stat

All of the products stocked at AW Electrical are targeted at customers who wish to make their lives slightly easier with innovative and easy-to-use technology. This touch screen thermostat, for example, is as alert and as simple as your smart phone. It allows you to save energy and money whilst maintaining the level of comfort that you have become accustomed to. Scroll down to learn more.

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Warmup WU-3IE-PB

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Increased Control

Warmup is a worldwide, trusted manufacturer of underfloor heating. This particular thermostat allows you to set up ten different heating schedules each day so that controlled use for each room in your home is a lot more precise than a standard dial thermostat. It will turn your heating on and off at times of your choosing and works separately on air and floor temperatures.

Energy Efficient

Having increased control of your heating means you will only be using the energy required by the parts of the house that are in use. In addition, this product is equipped with an energy-monitor which quickly learns the type of energy that provides each level of comfort and how to adapt to suit your preferences. After installation and some use, it will help you manage your energy usage. As a result, no heat/energy is wasted and you will notice around a 10% reduction in your overall utility costs, making the initial investment well worth it in the long run.

Innovative and Interactive

As the first thermostat with a 2.4” touch screen, in full colour, this product is not only attractive to look at but also easy to use. In fact, it will look stylish in any modern interior and the clear graphical displays ensure that managing your heating is as straightforward as possible. Another great feature of this product is that you can choose your preferred display style and screen theme.


Each Warmup thermostat comes with a 3 year warranty, and the option to upgrade to a lifetime warranty with the manufacturer.


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