BG 822U3 USB Nexus Double Sockets c/w 2 x 3.1A

BG 822U3 USB Nexus Double Sockets c/w 2 x 3.1A

BG 822U3 USB Nexus Double Sockets c/w 2 x 3.1A

The electrical products stocked at AW Electrical Supplies are affordable, reliable and safe to use. In fact, we only source products from trusted brands. This BG Nexus moulded twin socket, for instance, is stylish, safe and easy to install. It is fitted with two additional USB charger sockets, meaning you can plug four items in at once. Find out more about this product below.

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BG 822U3 USB Socket

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Safe and Secure

This product is manufactured to the highest standard to limit the risk of electrocution and fire. It complies with safety requirements, resulting in a reliable and trustworthy socket. In addition to being incredibly practical, this socket is easy to install thanks to its angled inline colour coded captive terminals.

Tasteful Style

Big, bulky sockets and switches are unappealing to property owners, who prefer inconspicuous fittings. That’s why this product has been designed in a size and colour that will blend tastefully into any room, no matter the décor.


Since the Nexus Double Socket is entirely safe to use and subtle in design, it is ideal for installation in any building, from homes, schools and offices to hotels and hostels. Since it’s extremely easy to use, your devices will be powered up in no time.

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