Ventaxia Svara Kitchen and Bathroom Fan

Ventaxia Svara Kitchen and Bathroom Fan

Ventaxia Svara Kitchen and Bathroom Fan

This kitchen and bathroom fan is the UK’s first to be controlled by an app. It is suitable for ceiling, panel or wall mounting, depending on your requirements and can be set up to work continuously or intermittently. This one model is great for all applications. Scroll down for further details about this product. 

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Ventaxia 409802

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Improves Comfort

For many people, this fan improves the level of comfort in their homes, because the app allows them to take control of the quality of indoor air. Adequate ventilation is extremely important if homeowners hope to avoid the growth of mould in their properties, which can lead to a series of health issues. That’s why it is important to have a fan fitted in rooms where the air often becomes moist, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Modern Appearance

This fan is aesthetically pleasing with a sleek, contemporary design. As a result, it blends seamlessly into any modern interior. It is possible to schedule silent hours on this fan and a purge mode is also available.

Simple Installation

Svara’s Bluetooth-enabled app makes setting up this product a trouble-free process. Users can choose whether they’d prefer the fan to operate continuously or intermittently; whether or not they would like the humidistat to trigger its operation; and whether or not the overrun timer is required. There are no longer any fiddly switches.

Furthermore, in houses where there is already a basic fan fitted, an upgrade to this product will not require any rewiring.

Renowned Manufacturer

Vent-Axia have a long history of inventing incredible, ground-breaking products that have shaped the HVAC industry. With so much experience and years of success, it’s safe to say that this Vent-Axia fan will be just as innovative and manufactured to a superior standard.

If you have any questions regarding home automation, ventilation or anything else to do with your electrical project, feel free to get in touch via phone, email or even a visit to store. Our staff are highly trained and are always happy to deal with any queries as best they can.



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