SyncBox Pro Advanced

SyncBox Pro Advanced

SyncBox Pro Advanced

This product is a hidden socket system which can be wired to meet any home automation requirements. In fact, it can be configured to any system around the world. There are many benefits to installing the SyncBox Pro Advanced, which you can read about below.

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SyncBox SB-006

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With SyncBox products, all of your cables will be recessed and discreet. After all, no-one wants messy cables on show, especially in their home. As a result, they don’t obstruct your television, allowing it to sit against the wall as a flat-screen should!


Easy to Install

This particular box is configured to a standard wiring pattern, which makes integration into any project a simple process. What’s more, SyncBox is designed around a typical double socket space to limit the requirement for structural changes. It’s neat and compact, making it easy to install, regardless of your level of expertise. However, if you do happen to have any trouble with installation and have some questions, we welcome any phone calls on 0208 344 9764.


Superior Quality

When purchasing a SyncBox you are investing in true quality. In fact, all products from AW Electrical Supplies have been sourced from superior manufacturers to ensure outstanding quality. As a result, we are confident that you’ll be satisfied with your new SyncBox Pro Advanced, no matter who you are or what your project requirements.


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