Silavent 4" Timer LV Bathroom Fan

Silavent 4" Timer  LV Bathroom Fan

Silavent 4" Timer LV Bathroom Fan

All bathrooms require substantial ventilation, such as a fan, in order to avoid damping and mould growth throughout your home. When airflow is poor, there is typically excess moisture in the air that turns into condensation. In fact, suitable ventilation is a mandatory part of building regulations in new builds. Please see below for a detailed description of this Silavent fan.

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Modern Design

This Silavent 4 inch fan is small and sleek and fits discreetly in your bathroom. It is virtually noiseless and is equipped with an over-run timer so that it switches itself off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Easy Installation

This product can be mounted to either a wall or ceiling in zone 1 or 2 of toilets and bathrooms. It can even be mounted to a window when purchased alongside a separate window kit. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle so installation should be entirely trouble free.

Trusted Manufacturer

At AW Electrical, we stock only the finest quality products from trusted manufacturers. Silavent, for instance, was established in the late 1950s and is now trusted around the world. Their ventilation products, such as this low voltage bathroom fan, have a warranted reputation for excellent performance and reliability, lasting for many years. All Silavent products are put through meticulous quality control checks before being sold, so you can expect nothing but superiority from your new fan.


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