Both floodlights and spotlights are used to provide an extensive amount of light into an area, both in residential homes and commercial properties.

3 Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

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Do most of your home improvement projects take a backseat during the dreary winter months, when it’s too cold to spend much time outdoors?

What Are the Benefits of Dimmer Light Switches?

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Modern dimmer switches are a great way to save energy, set the mood and increase the life of your bulbs. Essentially, they allow you to change the amount of light produced, without requiring complex wiring, which means installation is fairly straightforward.

4 Tips for Safe Outdoor Lighting

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No matter how appealing outdoor lights may be, however, staying safe is of the utmost importance. The lights themselves, power cords, switches and anything else associated with the outdoor lighting must be installed and used with safety in mind.

How to Change a Thermostat

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There are 10 main stages to changing your thermostat, but they are essentially 5 stages carried out with your old thermostat, and then the same stages in reverse to install the new one. Find out more here.
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