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Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor heating is undoubtedly the most efficient way to heat your home – heat rises evenly into the room rather than heating one small part of it and losing a lot of heat into the external wall, which is what happens when you rely on radiators or electric heaters. It requires far less energy than standard radiators, since you do not need to heat up your underfloor heating to the same temperature as a radiator.

It works with a huge variety of flooring types, on any storey, and on any type of property. We stock heating mats since they’re a simple, easy way to install underfloor heating, and cost far less than a wet underfloor heating installation. You can even install this type of underfloor heating yourself, without the need for an electrician or plumber. You even reduce the amount of dust circulating around your home since you’re not relying on convection heat which circulates warm air and disperses dust around the room.

Heat Mat Underfloor Heating

As part of our commitment to only stock the very best, we have chosen Heat Mat’s underfloor heating mats; it’s an award-winning range that can be used with any type of floor (if covered with a levelling compound), giving you a warm floor and evenly heated room, whatever your floor finish.

This system is designed to provide floor warming in all rooms and sole source heating in well-insulated rooms. It can even be safely installed in wet areas such as bathrooms thanks to the integrated earth shield.

Once your Heat Mat underfloor heating has been installed, there are no ongoing maintenance costs – systems come with a lifetime warranty, which is based on the product rather than the homeowner. Even when you come to sell your home, the product warranty will be transferred to the new owner.

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