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Nothing contributes more to the safety and feel of your home than good lighting – whether you’re installing varied indoor lighting to cater for everything from late-night reading to intimate dinner parties, or adding external flood lights for security, AW Electrical have exactly what you need.

Energy efficiency is increasingly important amid fossil fuel fears and rising electricity costs – that’s why we stock such a wide range of LED lightbulbs. You can choose much lower wattage LED lights and use a fraction of the electricity to generate the same amount of light, something we highly recommend to every client. LEDs are now available with dimmable switches and in a range of bulbs so you can find the right options for your home and enjoy lower energy consumption as a result.

Indoor Lighting

We stock downlights, spotlights, lamps, and striplights to offer a range of lighting options for your home. Whether you want affordable options or sleek, modern design, you can find it here.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. High light output in a variety of colours and low energy consumption means that LEDs are the natural choice for businesses, homeowners, and landlords.

Outdoor Lighting

Lanterns, recessed lights, and external wall lights all extend how much you can use your garden and the overall security of your home. If you’d like to focus more on security than outdoor living, we also offer a range of floodlights – including sensor controlled lights – to create a valuable deterrent for your home or business.

PIRs and Photocells

PIRs, or passive infrared sensors, can help reduce energy consumption by turning lights on and off automatically rather than relying on people to do so. Adding PIRs or time lag switches to your home or rental property can have a positive impact on energy bills and ensure that hallways are safe without having to keep lights on unnecessarily.

If you can’t find exactly what you need on our website, just give us a call. You can reach our advisors on 0208 344 9764 to discuss your requirements and place an order for next day delivery.